Make Afraid Your Friends By Fake XP Format.

Make Afraid Your Friends By Fake XP Format.

Great to say about this small software of 113 KB which really makes your friend angry and also afraid that his or her computer get Formatted. But its fake format and not real. It works on Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95 and Win7.Windows operating system gives you Pop up to format hard disk which really makes your friend afraid. When some one click on that its start dummy formatting your system hard disk. You can not stop formatting process by pressing cancel, esc, or any other key. The program stops when it finish formatting. But nothing happens it just fake format and non of your file get

deleted. But the person on whom you are making this experiment will definitely unconscious for some moment as he thinks that all his files and folders are get deleted by you. Once This software complete it task it will give you the result that your disk get formatted and after that you can click on close button and close the program.

You can have fun with this software. Download this software from Download link given below.

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