Make Use of Mobile Phones As Tv Remote

In past Mobile Phones are only used for making and receiving calls. But today Mobile phones are so developed and advanced that with the help of applications you can use it in many useful ways. If you have smartphone you can do variety of things with the help of applications. Today's Mobile Phones have many applications by which you can use them to control your electronics devices like TV, AC, DVD player and many more. This facility is not available in all types of phones but you fill find this features in many.

In today's world every electronics device can be operated with remote control and today we are here to know how we can use our cell phone as TV remote. There are many ways to change your Mobile Phone into TV remote but it depends that which type of smart Mobile Phone do you have.

First of all download the application from Application store which is available for I phone.
Open I tunes.
Choose I tunes store.
Select Application store.
Now type Remote Control in search box and select the application for download. Select the application which you think best for your Mobile Phone. 
(Blackberry already have application downloaded on your Mobile Phone. Now Transfer that file from computer to Mobile Phone.
 Now its turn to of television research.

Open your Mobile Phone User Manual and obtain television programming code. Every Mobile Phone model has different code to use to program television. Click on menu button of Television and select Remote control. Now point your Mobile Phone towards Television and type programming code and press OK when finished.

Now Locate Remote Control on your Mobile Phone and you will able to see remote on your screen if every thing is correct you will be able to change channel, adjust volume and turn off, turn on your TV from your Mobile phone.

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