Organise Your Birthday Party Events On Facebook

Facebook is widely used by every group of people.  Thousands of new profiles are created every day on Facebook. Social Network is so widely spread and gets so much popularity that no one has think about this five years before. Facebook provides many facilities to its user and also nice security to its user. Facebook user can do almost do everything which he do in real life. Social-media has made world so small that any one can reach any one within seconds. If you are working in Dubai and your wife and kids are in US than also you can see them whenever you like on internet.

Thousands of new applications developed by developers to make it more easy for the user of Facebook to perform different task by different people.

So we want to learn how to organize event's on Facebook.

You can organize and publicize any event using Facebook. Birthday parties, Private parties, Marriage Anniversary, Your vacation trips etc.

So to organize Events on Facebook you first login to your Facebook account .

Select "My Events" from the navigation menu.

Hit the "Create Event" button.

Enter details about your event. Don't worry you can edit it later if you have some changes.

Now you decide by selecting an option that who will able to see your created friends. Everyone, Friends or On your Invitation.

Now Click on "Create Event" and you are done. If you like you can upload photo that looks or representative your event.

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