Permenantly Delete your Facebook Account

If you want to delete your Facebook Account its easy. But your personal like your photos, friends list, messages etc on Facebook Server. But there are ways which you have to follow to remove all your data from Facebook Server. There are two options one is deactivate and other is delete it permanently. In this post we are talking deleting the Facebook account permanently. But think twice before selecting this option that will you need your Facebook account in future. If your answer is yes that only deactivate it but if your answer is no that you can go ahead with the deleting procedure of deleting your Facebook Account. Your account disappears from Facebook immediately, and you cannot recover it.

Login to your Facebook account  and delete all photos, messages, friends list. Delete all comments you have made and all messages from your wall. It take time but if you want to delete all the information from Facebook server this procedure is compulsory. Remove all Application too.
Now visit your profile page and remove all the information from it and don't forget to save changes. As it will take effect when you see it again.
Send an email to and ask them to permanently delete your account. Be sure you give your email address and put "Delete my account" in the subject line. Be clear that you want your account permanently deleted and not just deactivated.

If take time to get response from Facebook side. If you don't get response email them again but now this time email them on two more address and
After you get response from them about your account deactivation try to  login to your Facebook account if you do not  get message to activate it again your account is permanently.

Don't Login to your account after sending deactivation request email. Only login after response from Facebook.

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