Rip And Convert Video On VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is very popular now a days. It play any format you threo on it. VLC Media Player is one of the best media player among all media player. VLC Media Player is free and it can perform all tasks which a paid service Media Player can do. VLC Media Player cannot only play all media format but beside this It can perform many other tasks.

VLC media player can Rip and convert videos. No doubt that many great and new video converter are available on net for downloads. But if your Media Player is doing the work of converting videos why to download and install other program. Save your disk space and take work of two things from one. VLC Media player not only converts video and rips CDs and DVDs, it can also rip love streams and network streams to a desired media file.VLC Media Player works under Windows, Mac, and Linux; it’s free and open source

How to Rip And Convert Video On VLC Media Player:

For converting and ripping videos on VLC Media Player Do the following steps.

1.Open VLC Media Player

2.Click On Media.>>Convert/Save.

3.Add Media File Name, Disc Or CD name or URL of the video.

4.Click on Convert And Save Button.

5.Choose where you want to save converted media file.

6.Choose in what format you want to convert media file.

7. Click on Start.

After the process you will get your media file in your desired format with your desired size and quality.

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