Search On Google By Wiritting With Your Hand

When you are traveling specially on Indian road it is very difficult to stay stable. You can not stay stable while traveling. And If you are using your smartphone to search something on Googlewhile traveling it is very difficult to type something in Google search box. You either end up cursing your phone for not co-operating or yourself for bearing large fingers.

Typing will now not just be easier, but a whole lot of fun as well. Google has introduced 'Handwrite' for smartphones and tablets that lets you search anything off the web in your own handwriting.

To take full advantage of Google's new Handwrite feature, read here. Check out the video below to see how Handwrite works.

The best part is that you can type anywhere on the screen without having to strain your eyes on a keyboard eating away half your screen.
For Handwrite to work, you're required to enable the feature by going to on your mobile or tablet. Tap 'Settings' at the bottom of the screen and enable Handwrite. You might want to refresh the page for the new settings to take effect.
Once enabled, you'll see a bar at the bottom displaying 4 icons. Tapping the 'g' button will allow you to type in your own handwriting. There's also a space bar button and a delete button. Once you start typing, Google reveals the autocomplete searches indicated by an arrows next to them.
Users must note that this is merely a replacement for typing using the keyboard and you can still type using the latter by tapping on the search box.

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