Set Schedule Post For Twitter

Bitly a website used to make long url short specially used in twitter has conducted a study in May 2012. This study is related to popularity of the link.The result comes with some strange points which says that popularity of links not only depend on its contents but posting time also matters. The links which are tweeted between 1 to 3 PM ET from Monday to Thursday are more popular. This links are more clicked than other time posted links. If you are actively engaged with other social networks like Facebook, Myspace and many others it is very difficult on tweeter to Follow others, tweeting, replying and retweeting are time consuming. So you can use Third party Application like TweetDeck and Hoosuite to schedule your tweets automatically.

For Scheduled posting on Twitter using HootSuite.

Make account on  Hoosuit and login with your username and password. Go to Hoosuit dashboard and click on Compose message field at the top.Now select your Twitter Account from the menu which is on the right side of the text box.

Type whatever you like to tweet and click on the link to add a link on if you like to add picture click on paperclip icon to attach photo file.

For Scheduling your tweet click on calender icon and click on the date you want to tweet your message. Select the time using drop-down  menu and check the box if you want to receive email when you message is posted on tweeter dashboard.

Click on "Schedule" when you are sure that your tweet is correct and ready to post without any error. If you like to view , or edit your schedule your tweet click on "Publisher" in the left navigation column of the HootSuite dashboard and you will be able to edit or view your schedule tweet.

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