Stop Digital Electric Meter With Tv Remote |

18 July, 2012

Stop Digital Electric Meter With Tv Remote

Title is interesting but true i have done an experiment and i got success so i like to share this with all of you. I have two TV remote which is damaged due to rain. So I think of to throw them out. When i was going to throw them out my wife calls me so i put that on electric meter box and turn to answer to my wife. When i return back and take up the remote again i notice some speed in my Electric Digital Meters.

I was really socked I again put that remote on my meter box and again that meter starts running slow. To confirm i start my water-motor by which we can see a noticeable movement of meter as it consume more electric load. I put the remote on electric meter after starting electric water motor I surprise to see its speed its running like only a night lamp and fan is on in whole house.

I remove plastic covers of that remote and put only circuits on that meter. The result is more amazing it almost stopped. I dont know why and how its happen but the thing is happening. Then i try putting only one remote circuit but its not working its only works with two circuits.
Now i try experimenting putting it left, putting it right, below and above. The result is same Electric meter not running with two electric remote circuit  without cover.

Please note that i don't give guarantee that this trick works every where. This is only for educational and sharing purpose. I don't advice anyone to do this. TV remotes are costly don't waste it buying new one. If you want to try this try with old or damaged ones at your own risk.

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