Stop Digital Electric Meter With Tv Remote

This is to inform you all that this trick is only for educational purpose and we do not take any responsibility of the happening by performing this trick. This trick is to show the loop hole only and not for any illegal purpose.

Things you need to stop Digital Electric Meter

Powerful Magnet.

4 Plastic Glass.


You can use the Magnet mention below as it works best in my case.

The main thing in this trick is to use correct magnet as i mention above. It will cost you 499.00 Rs but works like a charm. It has 20 pcs and you can put 5 pcs in each glass.


You can take all four glasses and put them on four corners of meter box.

You can pour water in glass till three pcs sinks in water.

See The Changes

Now Power On any of the the High Voltage Electrical Equipment Like Water Pump, Water Heater or something else you have.

Notice the speed of Meter. Now pick up any one glass. And you will amaze to see the speed of Your Digital Electric Meter.

Thats It . Please note: This is not for stealing electricity or doing illegal purpose. This is only for educational purpose. Do it at your own risk.

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