Tips To Connect LG Quantum To PS3

You need Data Cable to connect LG Quantum Multimedia Mobile Phone with PlayStation 3. As both  LG Quantum Multimedia Mobile Phone and PlayStation 3 are USB-compatible so you will not find any difficulty toconnect both the device with each other. You can connect LG Quantum to PS3 like you connect in your PC. The main purpose of connection between the two devices is transfer multimedia files such as audio and video from the phone to the gaming console.

Start Your PS3 and wait till it fully processed for starting.

Insert LG USB data cable into the LG Quantum USB socket and other end of USB cable in PS3 you can use any socket from both.

Start the LG Quantum Mobile Phone. PS3 will detect the screen LG Quantum Mobile Phone after 15 to 20 seconds. LG Quantum will be displayed as an external USB storage drive.

Press Start button on the PS3 gaming console controller to verify the LG Quantum connection to the PS3.

And Its Done

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