Transferr Instant Money From Post Office With SMS

Postal Department of India is launching instant money remittance scheme, mobile remittance scheme, in tie-up with the BSNL infrastructure by next month. This is informed by Sobha Koshy (Chief Postmaster General Kerla Circle. First phase of scheme will cover selected states like Kerala, Bihar, New Delhi and Punjab. This announcement is done by Koshy after  releasing a special postal cover in connection with the ruby jubilee celebrations of Kottayam Press Club.

As per the scheme a person can send money through the post office which will send a message to the other post office about the amount to be given to the other person. In Kerala 30 selected Post offices from Idukki, Aluva and Pathanamthittawere covered for the service of launching instant money remittance scheme, mobile remittance scheme. Koshy said the process of computerising the entire postal network in the country, numbering 1,55,000 post offices, was going on. In Kerala out of 1507 post offices, except 29 post offices rest are computerised.

Postal department is also planning to implement a range of products including e-post facility instead of letter, electronic money order scheme by which up to Rs. 5,000 will be sent with a small message, M O Videsh and pick-up service

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