Unsuitable Photos on Facebook Make You Jobless

Now Facebook has started taking jobs of the people. The Social Media Leader Facebook now starts taking bread and butter from people. If you are using Facebook and if your profile or walls has unsuitable photos you can loose job. This is new research and its 100% true.

Your lifestyle,. your attitude, your behavior with other people, your way of speaking and also the photos you have uploaded on Facebook profile and the photos uploaded by you on your wall all are cheeked by the companies where you are working and also where you have recently given your interview.

In one of the biggest ever studies of the importance of Facebook profiles among job hunters, American scientists found that employees increasingly use the social networking site to weed out unsuitable candidates, the 'Daily Mail' reported."While employers are using Facebook to monitor their employees, they have also begun to use it as a screening tool when considering potential candidates," said Vanessa de la Llama of the Florida International University in North Miami.

However, the lack of guidelines means many firms simply follow their own judgement of just how bad your Facebook profile pictures are.

Facebook Joking
Facebook itself has already said that the practice, which has been documented at several American organizations, is a violation of its terms of use and could potentially lead to legal action. Instead of saying Facebook has to take some action as it is a matter of life and not enjoyment.

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