Update Facebook Status With Blue Hyperlink

Facebook is the number one social networking site.Being the number one site, Facebook has very less bugs.Its not like Orkut where we can flood,spam and do whatever we like.But nothing remains perfect.So here i am sharing a simple trick to write status as Blue Hyperlink Tag on Facebook.

Facebook is number one social networking website. It has millions of user and new profiles are created everyday. Facebook is very accurate and have too less bugs and spam hole. You cannot use Facebook as you like. There are rules and regulation to use Facebook. When we update status on Facebook we are forced to write it in simple black fonts.

Today i show you a simple trick by which we can update our status with blue hyperlink. That Hyperlink is address to our profile page.

Start Facebook and login with your username and password.

Click on writable box and type

@@[1:[0:1: Type Here ]]

Change Type Here with your updating status

Thats it have fun.

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