Virus in your Pen-Drive

We all know that today flash drive is widely used instead of floppy drive and CD. CD and floppy drive are now the things of past. USB flash drive are widely used by user today. People prefer to put their personal data on their pen-drive. As pen drive is very small and easy to transfer from one place to another people use them in more than one computers. And that is the reason that pen-drives are virus carrier.

When we open pen drive it use auto run features and the virus which are inside it can easily enter in our computer. If you have pen-drive which you use on many computers always open it after scanning with anti virus. Never open your pen-drive by double clicking or pressing enter but use your task bar to open it.

To open pen-drive from task bar.

Right click on Task-bar and select Toolbar. Click on New Toolbar and select My Computer and click OK. You will see arrow key in right hand side of My Computer in Task-bar. When you click on arrow key you will see all drives of your computer. Now access all files and folder by pointing mouse button on them. By this way you can access your pen-drive without opening it. Always use anti-virus scan before opening any pen-drive.

If you are 100% sure that your pen-drive is free from virus than also you have to scan it because thousands of new virus generated everyday. So it is better to spend few minutes rather than formatting your hard drive and install new windows on your PC.

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