What is Airplane Mode In Mobile Phone

Turning of wireless signals and allows the Mobile-Phone to perform approved activities during air travel is called Airplane mode. Today most of all device like Tablet computers, Laptops, Mobile devices, Smartphone use use various type of services like, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS to communicate. These services signals interfere with aircraft electronic system and communication. To resolve these problem Mobile manufacturers developed a mode which can turned off all this radio signals.

Activate Airplane Mode

On Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, the option to enable airplane mode is on the top of the Settings app’s first page. To activate your mobile on airplane mode open its setting application.

For Android devices, select “Wireless and Networks” in the Settings app and then tap the airplane mode check box. When you enable airplane mode on an iPhone or Android device, the home screen displays a small icon of an airplane in the same area that shows the battery level and other status indicators.

 Deactivate Airplane Mode

To deactivate airplane mode, use the same Settings app as before and turn the mode off. Even when you are not flying, you can use airplane mode to extend a battery charge. Turning off all the wireless features conserves power.

Limitations In Airplane Mode

You cannot make calls during Airplane Mode.

You cannot receive calls during Airplane Mode.

You cannot send Tex-Message during Airplane Mode.

You cannot receive Tex-Message during Airplane Mode.

You cannot access internet during Airplane Mode.

You can watch videos, play games, listen music which are pre-installed on your Mobile-Phone.

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