3 Easy Steps To Unlock a Blocked Hotmail Account

How To Unlock a Blocked Hotmail Account  ?
This is problem of everyone dont think that you are alone in this world who has this quality. After creating new account, if not entered your common password and enter new password to show your creativity you are going to suffer from forgot password illness.

We are taking about Hotmail here but before going furter i advice that after creating any account you keep your password and username noted in notepad. and keep it in D drive because it is possible that you have to format your C drive for any reason. OK coming to the point about Hotmail it is possible that you forgot your password and secondary email is not accessible. I am providing solution to recover the lost password so that you can unlock your Hotmail account in Three Easy Steps.

3 Easy Steps To Unlock a Blocked Hotmail Account

Open Hotmail.Com and click on Can't access your account? As Shown in Below Picture

You will reach on page where you can reset your password.

Choose "I forgot my password" and then "Reset your password" In the Next page.

Enter your blocked Hotmail ID (Windows Live ID) and fill the Captcha and click Next

From Select an option for resetting your password., click on "Customer support" >> then click on the  Customer support link.

Enter a working email address in the field which says "Where should we contact you?" and click Next.  A page will be loaded with provisions to your account details and answers to security questions etc. Just follow the instructions.  The billing information is not required. After you've done, click submit.

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