40 Out Of 50 Indians Use Facebook In June 2012

25% online time spent on social networks by Indians

In the Analysis it is found that Indians are very much loving of Social network sites. They love to spend time on social network websites. In an analysis which is organize to see top Indian activities online it is clear that out of 100% Indians spent 25% time on social media and mostly on Facebook. Out of 100 Social Media users in India 80 are using Facebook.

After social network sites Indian loves to be on Entertainment sites. Although it represented just 2.0 percent of total minutes, time spent on Retail sites grew 0.5 points in the past year as online shopping continued to gain adoption.

Among the top properties, visitors were most engaged on Facebook.com, spending an average of nearly 4 hours on the site in June. Visitors spent 2.5 hours on Google Sites, with YouTube accounting for a strong share of time spent on the property. Google sites had an astounding reach - 94.8% of India's online users visited Google or one of Google sites (like YouTube). Facebook.com has a reach of 83.4% in India, meaning around 4 out of 5 online Indians visit the popular social networking site.

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