83 Million Fake User On Facebook

Facebook has 83 Million Fake Accounts. 46 Millions accounts are duplicate, while the number of user who are not classified are 23 Million While Undesirable Accounts are 14 million. The total of all this figures comes to 83 Million. This are not the number of any survey conducted by any organization or college but this information is of Facebook itself.

Face book said that there are 955 million active user as of June 30. And this figure is 29 percent up from last year. and if we do the calculation  fake account comes to 9%. Facebook last week announced its first set of numbers as a public company, and with it came the news that the number of users who access the site is  closer to 1 billion.

46 Millions Duplicate Account
As per Facebook Duplicate account means the user who have original account create another account. Duplicate account is maintain by user in addition to their principal account.

23 Million Misclassified Accounts
This is not an person account or individual account. This accounts are created by person for organizations, schools, colleges, social-services, business, or for their dogs and cats. This type of account are allowed on Facebook to exist only as Page and not as Individual Account.

14 million Undesirable accounts

These accounts are against Facebook Terms And Conditions. Undesirable accounts are specially created for spamming or cheats. If you create a account in the name of girl on Facebook to make your friends fool, This type of account known as undesirable accounts.

We have see the result on May 18 on Nasdaq when Facebook stock have performed its flop show on very first day of its trading. 

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