Android App To Know Your Caller Location In India

When you are searching for a person for any reason and when you make him a call and ask him that where he is ? He gave you the answer and you must have to believe him because you have no other option. You have to trust him anyway because you have no option to know that the person with whom you are taking is really at that place or not. But now you can know weather that person is telling truth or not with the help of  Android App Caller Location India.

Caller Location India is free application. It is only for Indian and works only in India. Indian iPhone user now easily come to know the call made to him originate from which location. Caller Location India shows the caller's base location of all calls coming from INDIA So you have now not to trust the caller but you can easily say or know that from where that call comes from.

Caller Location In India is latest application and it is updated in July 2012. This app is a superior version of caller ID. We can say that this application is superior version of caller ID. This app shows base location of calls originating from the INDIAN sub-continent only. This application has many advantages over the Standard Caller ID and Mr. Number Caller ID.

Caller Location India needs not Internet Connection and you can run this app on your iPhone offline also.

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