Android Open Source Project With Sony Xperia S

Android Open Source Project (AOSP) provided direct support for only Nexus hardware or select Google experience devices.

Google has recently started an experiment with to bring AOSP support to more devices and the first device to be the part of this experiment is Sony's Xperia S.
Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is endow with straight support only for Nexus hardware or Google experience device like Motorola Xoom. But the scenario will be change soon and might be word of old things. Google has just started trial to bring AOSP support to more devices. And In that trial Sony's Xperia S is on the top because of Xperia S's unlock able boot-loader decently powerful hardware and Sony's contributions to AOSP.

Google is not sure how far this project will go. The company is looking to work with community on the Xperia S experiment and want to keep the development bleeding edge rather than trying to build a stable release. AOSP is designed such that it should be possible to plug in the files related to additional hardware targets.

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