Apple’s new connector for iPad mini, iPhone 5 Leaked !

Below is the pictures showing the new mini connector for Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini and iPhone 5 have been published online.

Above you are seeing the picture of new mini connector for Apple's forth coming iPad Mini and iPhone 5. Above photograph is shared by French tech website
You will able to see pieces one of which is said to be similar to another
showed two components, one of which is said to be similar to another it appear as leaked picture of a part of the new iPhone 5.As well as the new dock connector, the part also seems to take in the headphone jack and the home button connector for the hotly awaited devices.

One detail that has troubled Apple observers is that the headphone jack on the pictured component is located directly next to the dock connector. pointed out that so far case leaks, design drawings and physical mockups of Apple's forthcoming devices have all suggested the headphone jack on the iPad Mini will by found along the top edge, as it is on the full-size iPad.

The newer, slimline port means that thousands of current Apple accessories will need a potentially clunky adapter to work with the ''iPhone 5'', or their devices will become unusable.

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