Best 10 Free Spam Identifier To Save Your Busniess EMails

Email Spamming is seems to be more used this days by among spammers including website owners and virus spreader's because of it's immediate results. Emails are like our personal dairy and also source to increase business. So we should take some extra care in managing our emails and account to protect our confidential data and avoid spam. I am giving the list of  top 10 free Spam filters for windows.I am sure, these free simple spam filters can get rid of the junk emails sent to your email address and you will be surprised that how efficient they are.

1. eXpurgate - Free Email Spam Filter
eXpurgate is a free anti spam email filter sotware that can also capable of blocking dangerous virus to protect your pc. The only disadvantage is that eXpurgate requires two different email account.

2. POPFile - Free Email security and Spam filter
POPFile is a free powerful email classification POP and NNTP proxy. This software can categorize your mails by its content nature and will block spam emails. Use this software only if you have computer with powerful resources.

3. Spamato - Free Email Spam Identifier and Filter.
Spamato filters POP and IMAP acounts for email spam and its spam identification algorithm is strong. It's a highly accurate plugin that will enrich your firefox. The software requires little bit skill to use and is not so user friendly.

4. Spamihilator - Free Spam Filter.
User friendly anti spam tool for windows that works with any email client and have good detection performance. How ever it doesn't support remote administration, a small drawback.

5. K9 - Free Spam Identifier and Filter For Email Accounts.
K9 software is a precise and efficient stable spam filtering tool that only works with POP accounts. Also we cant administrate K9 remotely.

6. SpamBayes - Free Email Spam Classifier
SpamBayes get rid of junk useless spammy emails from your account and is free to download for windows. Its an easy to use program that enables protection to email accounts.

7. SpamExperts Desktop - Anti Spam Email Filter
SpamExpertss Desktop is a really easy to use and efficient spam filter. It's better precise and a right plugin spam filter and works on any email accounts. It have a slow interface and working but the filtering errors are also reduced.

8. SpamRIP - Anti spam free
Accurate spam identifier and filter can integrated to any POP email account. The separate program can just preview and delete the junk emails before it's reaching your inbox. How ever it have crashing problems and will not work with IMAP.

9. Email Remover™ - Spam remover Free tool.
This free software can save you from downloading unwanted Emails like emails sent out by spammers and peoples behind shameless product promotion. It connects to your ISP and retrieves Email information (sender, subject, date, etc.), letting you delete the mails you actually do not want.

10. MailWasher Free- Anti spam filter tool.
Elegant, efficient anti spam email software works with POP accounts. Works on the basis of frequently updated blacklist servers and is up to date with the changes.

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