Clean Your Computer Ram In 5 Seconds Without Any Software

When you see your PC speed goes slow and it take times to open any program than possibilities are there is chance that your Computer RAM Memory is full. Because of which your operating system runs in slow speed. Computer RAM works to give speed to your Operating system.

Whenever you realize that your computer process is slow follow this simple trick to Clean Your Computer RAM In 5 Seconds Without Any Software. This Trick allows you to free your RAM space as much as you want. Free up RAM by killing unnecessary programs will speed up your PC.

How Clean Your Computer Ram In 5 Seconds Without Any Software

So to do this you need a notepad and only two lines of code.

Open notepad

Type Code as shown below


Here 5000000 indicates the amount of RAM to free up. You can change this number according  to your need and memory capacity of your computer.

Now save this file in ram.vbs

Close the file and copy that file to desktop.

Now run the script by double click on it.  Within a few seconds the process of freeing up memory will be completed and your computer should run fast.

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