Clear YouTube Search History From PC And Android App

As per new Google policy update every search performed by user will stored in their services. When you perform search on YouTube, your search will be recorded in Google user logs if you are isigned in in your account. Google stated this as to prevent security threats but their intention is clear that this data is enough to enhance social networking advertisements. But as a YouTube user, you have left with an option to delete the search history from your eyes. You can follow the below steps to delete search history from your PC or YouTube android application.

How To Clear YouTube Search History From PC

First of all, you need to sign-n to your personal YouTube account.

On the right top corner of the page, you have to click on your username and select Video Manager from the drop-down list.

In the left pane, select search history and click "Clear all search history" and confirm. That's it. You also can delete all your video viewing history. To do this, select History from left side and repeat the above steps.

How To Clear YouTube Search History From Android App

Open official YouTube application on your android device.

Click menu button and select settings. Tap clear search history and confirm the action.

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