Facebook Time Line Compulsory From 8 August 2012

Last year Facebook has launched Timeline. After launching Timeline feature last year Facebook has Upgrade and make many changes in Timeline. But till now Timeline feature is still not suitable from many users. Many users are not still comfortable with Timeline. As per Facebook Timeline feature is tries out by almost 100% of active Facebook users.

Facebook Time Line Compulsory From 8 August 2012
Facebook Time Line Compulsory From 8 August 2012

No matter you are comfortable with Facebook Timeline or not, Facebook has made it compulsory for all the user. From August 8 switching to Timeline style of profile will become compulsory for all Facebook users. Before the scheduled Timeline switch happens ,user are shown a preview of their profile page. Till now user have option of choosing between Timeline feature or the older format as per their desire. But now it is compulsory to change only with Timeline feature fom August 8.

Timeline feature force user to view their lives as on Facebook in chronological order, with dotted picture, posts and video. All the events of the user which he has posted will be seen in date wise order. Timeline features itself mean what is the meaning of this feature. It will show all things in order. Like when profile crated, when you make first post , when you upload first video ans so on.

I forgot to mention that Before this announcement In January also there was an similar announcement. In that announcement Facebook has Given a week time to all its user to switch their profile to timeline.

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