Fresh Twitter Heat Maps Expose Impolite User On Site

New Twitter `heat maps` reveal `rudest` users on site

Micro-blogging website Twitter can now tell how polite or wicked its users are, thanks to new 'animated heat maps' that display the solidity of tweets posted by its users in a definite region or country.

A Twitter heat map developed by Vertalab has discovered where the rudest Americans live in the United States by inspecting tweets including phrases in 462 specific location in the country.

The indicator demonstrate how people around the US either tweeted phrases containing "good morning" and other abusive words, and also revealed how such language go forward all over the day.

According to the map, generosity and courtesy shine through the southern and Midwestern parts of US, as both regions showed large swaths of "good morning" pleasantries, particularly near Lubbock, Texas and middle Tennessee.However, those in the New York City and New Jersey region have a higher leaning to reply angrily to wicked expressions, as well as for those in Los Angeles.

The survey was created under Project " Twitter heatmap", which surveyed 462 region around the United States.

You can study the maps for various days of the month and see when and where changes happen.

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