Gmail App Updated For Android

Good news for Android user as Gmail Application is updated by Google for Android, following an update to their app for the iOS platform. But a bad news is this update is only for the devices which are running on Ice Cream Sandwich OS and above.

Gmail App Updated For Android
Gmail App Updated For Android

New updated Gmail App includes bug fixes and performance improvement too. You can download this updated App from Google Play store. Gmail app for Android allows users to manage multiple accounts, view and save attachments and set up label notifications.

As we all know Gmail is a popular and widely used e-mail service.As per Google updated version includes a host of changes, improves animation, scrolling, and responsiveness on the iPhone and iPod touch. Because of this updated version Many events in the App now being slightly faster and smoother. Google regularly update and release Gmail App. Last update to Gmail App gives ability to set custom signature for your mobile messages and a vacation responder.

Google has also improved labels, with support for nested labels in new updated App. Google has also added a feature that lets you pen up a canvas and scribble a message that will be attached to your e-mail. Scribbles support different colours, brush sizes, lines, erasers and spray paint.

There were reports about users having the option to personalize their Gmail inbox with custom themes.Google states that Themes have been an important part of Gmail ever since they launched them back in 2008. Not only do they let you personalize your inbox with fun backgrounds, but they’re also practical, helping you easily differentiate between multiple Gmail inboxes . Early in May 2012 Google announced that they're increasing everyone's free storage in Gmail from 7.5GB to 10GB  to celebrate the launch of Google Drive.

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