Google Wallet Supports Debit And Credit Cards

The Godfather of search engines has a service called Google Wallet and I hope all of you have heard about this. Previously Google Wallet was not supporting Credit Cards and Debit Cards. But Cloud Based Google Wallet version now All Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Google Wallet an NFC based payment system allows you to make payment with a single click. And now Google has overhauled this service by releasing an update to  the Google Wallet App so you can pay using all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

This service make possible for you to shop online or in stores. Now yu can buy an Ice-cream  or Pop-corn with the help of this service. You just have to tap your Smartphone to make payment of your purchase. Because Cloud based version of Google Wallet not support all major Credit Cards And Debit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How To Start This Service
If you have Android device download free Google App. Now It will prompt you to enter Credit Card or Debit Card number.The other way to use this service is Suscribe online or through Google Play. After you complete the process ou are ready to use this service. When you make payment in store or online a receipt will pop up on your phone with the merchant name and total charge.

What Google Say In Blog

Banks who want to serve their customers in saving cards can apply for free online. Further, to ensure customers of their security and boost confidence in Google Wallet, there's an option to remotely disable the service in case your phone is lost or stolen. The company, this time round has made efforts to assure users of the app of its security. Now a dedicated Google Wallet PIN is used to prevent anyone else from making payments with your Google Wallet.

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