Guys Read This Before Buying And Using Emami Fair And Handsome

Guys Read This Before Buying And Using Emami Fair And Handsome

This is the first time Emami is selling a beauty product for Men. As shown in advertisement Emami Fair And Handsome makes you Fair and Handsome ? My Queastion is How ?

We are Indian and we are naturally Brownish or Wheaties in color. But our dream is that we become fair like people of U.K, USA and Australia. I say it is totally impossible. No one can change your color skin accept plastic surgery like ( Michal Jackson ) but it destroy the making of our face. There are plenty of cosmetic products available in market promising to make you white in 2 weeks or month. But all are folks.

Emami claims in advertisement that Fair And Handsome cream gives you fairer skin by its regular use. But they have not mentioned how long we have to use it. Skin color is Gods gift and no one can change it.

As it is written on Emami Fair And Handsome package Peptide, Liqourice, Vetiver, Aloe Vera is the main key ingredients. All are good in natural form and not in cosmetic form.

If a cream that make African people white than only that cream will be able to give fair skin to Indian people. You will damage your look and color of your skin using these creams. There are some artificial components added in the cosmetics product which will really harm your skin. You will notice change of color in your old age because of using of this creams.

Better way to use Natural fruits and vegetables. Like Papaya, Cucumber, Carrot Juice, Eggs, Fish Meat which are really natural product. If they don't give you fair skin al-least they will not harm your skin.

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