Hackers : Safety Error In Apple iPhone

There is security error in Apple's iPhone text message that could make Apple's iPhone particularly defenseless to text message cheating.

As per Hacker under the name 'Pod2g' said error has existed since iPhone was first launched in 2007, and is still not solved in the next operating system for iPhone the beta version of iOS 6.

As per POdg protocols handling the exchange of SMS (Short Message Service) text between mobile phones, the sender of a message can technically change the reply-to phone number to something different from the original number.In a good implementation, the receiver of the message would see both the original phone number and the reply-to one. But using iPhone's SMS feature, when receivers see the message, it seems to come from the reply-to number, while the original phone number of the sender is hidden.

It means that this error can make capable to any one to get private information from victim. Some one can ask you your bank details by acting as the message is from bank.

Pod2g urged Apple to fix it before the final release of the iOS 6 software. Never trust any SMS you received on your iPhone at first sight

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