Halal Facebook To Debut In Indonesia as Salamworld

Indonesian will soon get social networking website Facebook in Islamic style.

An Islamic version of Social networking leader Facebook is ready and soon will be launched in Indonesia. November is set for the 240 million people of Indonesia to enjoy the social networking site.The name of this new web is Salamworld. Salamworld will also have an option that allows users to ensure the content they view is 'Halal', material allowed under Islamic law, and filter out indecent subject matter, such as pornography or illegal drugs.

The world's most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, is also the second-largest market in the world for Facebook and the third-largest for Twitter, the paper said.
Niyazov has described the site as a 'cleaner version of Facebook'.Salamworld, which is currently being tested by some 1000 users worldwide, would be available in eight languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and Russian, the paper added.

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