How To Add Any Podcast To iOS Podcasts App

With this tip you can add any podcast to the iOS App. If you have link of any podcast you can link it in the Podcast App on your iPhone or iPad.  Dont wait and depend on iTunes for your favorite podcasts. No doubt about that for listening music, subscribing and watching favorite podcast Podcast App is great. Wherever you are no matter you can watch and listen your favourite podcast with this app. The firm combination with iTunes makes it simple to search and subscribeto new podcasts from your iOS device.

But what if you like to subscribe to podcast which is not available in iTunes. Here is the way to add non iTunes podcast to the app so you can watch and listen your favorite podcasts.

Before you Add non iTunes Podcast to the app what you need is direct link of that podcast. Send that link to yourself over iMessage or in a email. It will make easier for you instead of typing long link address.

After reaching on the main screen of podcast app slide down the search field from the Top.

Enter the Link of the podcast you wish to subscribe in search box and start searching.

Confirm your subscription. and the podcast will be added to your device.

So easy  have fun.

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