How To Add Credit or Debit Card In Google Wallet

I informed in my previous post that Google Wallet Supports Debit And Credit Cards Before this announcement was made its hard to use Google Wallet as your real Wallet because Visa, American Express, Discover are not accepted on Google Wallet as Payment option. You have to depend on prepaid card which was provided to you by Google. So every time before purchasing you have to deposit money in your prepaid card. But as now its supporting all major Credits and Debit Cards it made easy for us to use it as real Wallet.

But, with the update Google just released, users can now add any debit or credit card to their Google Wallet account, and use it to make purchases with their NFC equipped Android device. To add a Visa, Discover, or American Express card to the Google Wallet app, make sure you are running the latest version of the app from the Play Store.

Adding Credit or Debit Card On Google Wallet From Android Device.

After running the App ou can add any type of card by selecting the add a credit or debit card icon.

Fill out the required information and tap on next when you are done.

You can also add your card online by visiting on your computer.
Log In to your Account.

Select Payment Method.

Click on Add Card or Account button at the top.

Fill Card Details.

If you have added card online and you Access Google Wallet App on your Phone you will able to see card.You have option to customize the look and name of the card. You can do it by tapping on it, then tapping on the menu icon and edit card. If you want to set a particular card as your default payment method, tap on the "Select card" button below the card. Once it's set as the default payment, you will see the a green icon appear next to it and the text on the button will read "Selected card." Noe this card will be used when you pay via NFC using the app on your phone.

One more feature was the ability to disable Google Wallet on any device. This is an important security feature if you lose or misplace a device and want to prevent unauthorized access to your Google Wallet account. You can disable a device by from your wallet online and viewing the devices section.

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