How To Add Quick Launch Shortcuts To Android Lock Screen

If you are looking for a new way to get quick access to your apps and missed notifications. This app will replace your current lock screen with a more useful shortcut to applications.We can add quick launch to Android lock screen. If we want to open any application we have to unlock the screen and then we can open that application.We all know about the TouchWiz shortcuts on Samsung Android devices. Quick Launch is also similar in working. But this App is more advance than TouchWiz as which means it pairs nicely with the Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean design style. Since you're going to be using the lock screen each time you pick up your phone, it may as well be something you like to look at. In addition to looking good, the lock screen should have added functionality that compliments the many features of your actual device.

Before you download Quick Launch, make sure you're running on Android 2.1 or higher. This can be done by pressing the Menu button from your Home screen and then going into the Settings > About phone area and checking the area labeled Android version.

How To Do Setup and Customization?

You can integrate your favorite or most used app like Twitter client, Google Music controls, or even Facebook on your Quick Launch Lock Screen. On the second tab of the settings area you'll find theme options. You can use your own photo to give it a more personal feel, and the controls for the lock screen will layer themselves on top of it.

There's four different shortcut categories that appear on the lock screen in a loop design. The first is a shortcut to your phone, which will load a selection of your recent calls so you can quickly redial a contact; and the second is a shortcut to apps, which works in a similar fashion. The other options are for search and camera -- two shortcuts that you're likely to use. Outside of the loop shortcuts, there's a slider for turning the phone to silent or ring modes. At the current time, these categories/shortcuts cannot be changed.

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