How To Create Full Backup Of Firefox, Chrome, Opera

Follow this simple method to save your browser data

You use Internet and the most important thing to use Internet is Browser. Without browser Internet is useless. You use Internet at home or at office. But the main thing to use Internet "the browser" is very soft thing it can be crashed because it get corrupted. It is also possible that you operating system also get corrupted and you have to format your system or PC. And the result of both issue is, you loose your all browsing data like bookmarks, passwords, user-names etc.

In such circumstances what you need is "Browser Backup Pro". Browser Backup Pro is free tool for Windows which will allow you to take full backup of your data. This software helps you to restore all your history in your browser after crash or uninstalled. This software supports Google Chorme, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

How to use Browser Backup Pro

Download Browser Backup Pro from Here and Install it.

After installing you will find wizard like interface where you select the browser which you want to backup.

After selecting browser you will find two option " restore or Backup ". If you select backup, the app will identify the installation of the browser and select the profiles available for backup.

Now in the final step the app will ask you to select settings and items you want in the backup. You will get browser settings, including bookmarks, cookies, extensions, passwords, preferences, search engines, history and other settings. This App also give you the option to backup in cloud or PC.