How To Get Chrome Like Tabs in Windows Explorer

Download Clover 2 to get Chrome Like Tabs in Windows Explorer

Before this I have written about QTTabBar. Which gives you ability to give tabbed Explorer. Windows is missing one most important feature. That is tabbed edge. Tabbed edge or interface gives us ability to to quickly navigate between windows. Here I like to show you one more app which will give you tabbed interface on Windows. Clove 2 is free to download and use software. It will give you Tabbed Windows like Google Chrome.Tabs are nicely arranged and looks as Google Chrome.

Controls Of Clove 2
Ctrl + T to open the page.
Ctrl + W close the page.
Ctrl + Tab to switch pages.

You can also bookmark any folder or drive on to the app. Bookmarks can be added using shortcut key or from the context menu of the tabs.

Download The App its 2.3 MB in size

After download unzip and Just double click on it.