How To Hide Particular Drives From My PC In Windows 7

You have many things on Hard drive which you don't like to show to other user of your computer. If your office PC is used by other workers too and you have some personal data definitely you will hide it from other user. Locking Folders are the option but that's visible and people come to know that you have some data which you have hide from them. So what to do is to hide the drive which contains your personal data. Here is simple tip by which you can hide your personal data from others.

How To Hide Particular Drives From My PC In Windows 7 ?

Click Start>>Type dsk in search box>>and you will see that Disk management is open for you.

Click Create and format hard disk partitions.

You will see Disk Management Wizard. You will see all the Partitions of your disks. To hide a particular disk drive from list right click on that particular disk and select "Change drive letters and paths" as shown below.

In Next window you will click on your selected drive and click on remove and Press OK.

That's It.

You you want to unhidden it you just follow the steps from first and Name your Drive Again in Last step.

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