How to Know Storage Capacity Of New Pen Drive ?

How to Check storage capacity of fake USB Flash drive ?
How To Know Storage Capacity of Flash Drive ?
Easily Check Your Pen drive Capacity?
When you buy new pen drive you don't have idea that the capacity which is written on pen drive. If you have purchased a pen drive of 8 GB you have no idea what is the read capacity of that pen drive. But there are some ways by which you can know what is the exact capacity of that pen drive. Download this free software to know the capacity of pen drive and protect yourself from being cheated. This software works on all other storage device. Normally The product shows itself as 8GB under Windows XP.

Free Software to Check Storage Capacity Of Flash Drive

Bart’s Stuff Test 5  Download the free version of the Bart’s Stuff Test 5

Now disable auto run of Windows XP and insert your flash drive in USB port of your CPU. Do not open your pen drive. Directly Right Click and select Format to format your USB drive. By formatting your Flash Drive you will be get rid of any potential viruses or malicious tools which have blocked any space on USB Flash.

Now Run Free Bart’s Stuff and select the USB Drive under Folder. Start the test. It will write a sequential file that will fill the stick up to > 90% of it’s capacity and then it does read back the written data. Check the Bart’s stuff status written total when you get an error message like this: “An Error occurred. WriteFile returned an Error. There is not enough space on the disk”.

If the stick ran out of space at 4 GB exactly, Bart’s Stuff filled the stick up to 52 % of it’s fake capacity. But: Since the FAT32 maximum supported file size is 4GB, this method would not work on flash drives with more than 4GB of capacity. Larger size sticks should be filled up with large files that are compared against their originals to see if some errors occur. Hence it shows that the USB stick is fake.

Note:You can temporarily disable the AutoPlay feature by holding down the left Shift key as the CD begins to run. In addition if you wish to browse the contents of the CD open My Computer, right-click the CD-ROM drive and choose explore.

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