How to Make Your Mobile Battery Last Longer

No battery last as long as it is promised by manufacturing company. This is not issue only for you but this is the most common complain for all mobile user. Everyone know how frustration happens when you see Low- Battery notice warning during important calls or when you try to send email or SMS. We are here with some of the best solutions for your mobile-battery to give you as much as possible lasting.

Turn Off Features For Long Lasting Battery:

Mobile features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Gps are most battery consumed features. The main reason behind their battery consumption is that they continuously looking for possible connections, networks, or information. So make habit of turning off this features when you have no need for them.

Display Screen Brightness and Screen Timeout

Display of your mobile phone also consume lot of your mobile battery power. Adjust your display screen brightness to lower level to conserve more battery life.  Set the brightness to as low as you are comfortable with. Screen timeout also consume more battery power. Set it to 15 seconds.

Turn Off Push Notifications and Data-Fetching

In today's world we are regularly updated with tweets, emails, news, gossips and world news. This also keeps always long lasting battery away. Keep yourself updating but at regular interval. There are plenty of app available which gives you ability to update yourself with world at regular interval.
You also have an option to check them manually.

Don't Waste Battery Life Searching for a Signal
If you are in an area where you are not getting good signals switch your phone off. Both things are same. If you are not getting signals your caller will listen that you are not reachable and when you switch off your phone you they will hear you have switch off phone. In both the cases you will not able make talk with your caller. But switching off your phone will save your battery life. 

Keep Your Phone Cool

Don't let your phone get heated. Phone became heat because of excess use or long talk. No matter talk long and use it for long time for browsing. But as your work or talk completes make your phone switch off for some time. This also makes your battery life long.

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