How to Play YouTube Videos Fast By Preloading With Free Wi-Fi

If you are tired by seeing buffering on you phone while watching videos on YouTube. There is App available which will let you preload videos so you don't have to wait for buffering while seeing it. You can preload videos with Wi-Fi connection.When you are away from your PC YouTube app on Android gives you ability to watch and find new awesome videos. But if your connection is slow because of low connectivity in some of areas the videos always show buffering and you will not enjoy the video.

If you like to avoid buffering when you are watching a video. You can preload that video. The YouTube app on Android devices 4.0 and up allows you to preload videos so they can offer continuous play, even when your connection is too low.

To Preload YouTube Videos With Wi-Fi to watch them fast later just follow below steps.

Open YouTube app on your Android 4.0+ device.

Now press the Menu button.

Choose Settings.

Press on the Preloading option.

Choose Subscriptions, Watch Later or you can choose both.

Press OK on the message that pops up.

Preload while connected to Wi-Fi and battery charging or you are at work and phone is lying idle.

Please Note:

When preloading videos, they will take up space on your Android device.

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