How To Remove Your Name From Facebook Social Ads

It is sad to say that whatever you do on Facebook were advertise to all with Facebook Social Ads. The Ads are places in such a way that it easily draw attention of any one and gibe details of the work lastly you have perform on Facebook. That's True that people could just navigate to your Facebook profile to see the things you're interested in, but at least that's not a literal advertisement with your name attached to it popping up on their own pages. Below is simple method which allows you to stop this ads by Facebook.

Enter Facebook Using Username and Password.

Click on Home And Then On Account Settings.

On the left-hand side, choose Facebook Ads from the list.

Click the link at the bottom that says Edit social ads setting.

Select No One from the drop-down list on the next page and press Save Changes.

After this adjustment you'll stop sharing information about your interests with everyone on your friends list.

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