How To Skip YouTube Ads On Mobile Devices

Now skip YouTube ads on your mobile devices

Announcing via its blogpost, YouTube stated,"Giving viewers choice over ads they watch has lead to a better, more engaged viewing experience, benefiting the entire YouTube community of users, partners and advertisers. TrueView in-stream ads tend to earn equal or higher revenue compared with standard video ads. And since they now comprise the majority of the video ads on YouTube, TrueView allows you to access a broader base of advertisers."

With TrueView, advertisers pay up only when a user decides to watch the full ad. Google admitted last year that 15-45 percent desktop and laptop users watch full ads on the site. it further stated that TrueView has become one of the fastest growing advertising formats with 50 percent in-stream skippable ads.

As of now, the skippable ads are available only on Android devices since iPhone has an ad free YouTube app. But things might soon change for the Apple device with Google developing a new version of the app.

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