How To Unlock Memory Card Without Formatting

Memory card is very useful small storage device. It helps you to store some of your personal data like music , photos, videos, documents and many much more. You can save your Office documents which you can view in computer with the help of card reader or Mobile data cable.

Sometime  people set password to save and protect their data from unofficial or unwanted use. Password are set for security reason. But if you forgot password your security don't allow you also to access your Memory Card Data. You have option to format it. But If you have some important data like contact details or office documents or backup of some important PCs you cannot think of formatting it. You must have to unlock it to save your Data.

How To Unlock Memory Card Without Formatting 

Download FExplorer from Below

Download FExplorer

FExplorer is a free browser for the Nokia It allows you to manipulate any files, you can use the cut/copy/paste functions thru the directories. You can also send files via Bluetooth or infrared, MMS. FExplorer can open the files directly, Other usefull functions are also available such as making or removing directories, keep the light always on, perform screenshot, restart the phone, find the files, view IMEI and firmware version, view network, edit a file, set a file as operator-logo.

After downloading install the Fexplorer.

Now launch FXplorer from your phone and move to C:\system folder. In this folder, you will find a file named "mmcstore".

Rename this file to "mmstore.txt" and then open it. You will find your password at the end of the file.

Copy that password or remember it.

Now try to open Memory card. It will ask for password enter the password you got from "mmcstore". and you are done.

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