Increase Browsing Speed While Downloading

When you are downloading a file no matter big or small you have noticed that your browsing speed is very slow. If you are downloading file using download manager or downloading torrent  using torrent client both effect the browsing speed by slowing it down. Because of that your page loads slow and you really get frustrate. All this happens because your download manager or torrent client use as much bandwidth as possible. And if you are using connection other than 3G or broadband the condition got more wrost.There's not much we can do to increase browsing speed while downloading files as it totally depends on internet connection speed but here's some tips that might help to browse without much delay.

Download and Use NetBalancer To Balance your Bandwidth

NetBalancer is a freeware that can distribute the bandwidth allocation to various applications that uses the internet connection. No matter if it is a Torrent Client or Internet Download Manager. It also works with all the application like Browser, Anti-virus or Windows Update.

Download and install NetBalancer

Open Netbalancer (assuming your browser and uTorrent already running)

In the application, it shows the list of processes that shares the internet connection. To increase upload/download priority for Google chrome, right click on anyone of chrome.exe and click 'High' under both Upload and Download.

Similarly, you need to lower the bandwidth allocation to uTorrent. Right click on uTorrent.exe and click low under both Upload and Download. After you're done it may look like the below screenshot. From now, you must see some improvement in browsing using chrome.

By this way you can pull down the bandwidth usage of other applications like internet download managers.

Increase Browsing Speed While Downloading By Setting download limit in Applications

Another way to improve browsing speed is to set  download limit in applications. For example, if your internet connection gives you a maximum download speed of  64KB/s just put the download limit to 4-50KB/s. Almost all download managers and uTorrent has an option to set download limit to a predetermined level.

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