Make Money by Selling Free Apps

Before a short period of time App are unique piece of work. But today with the help of developed technology all major App stores in the mobile market are full of various type of App. You even don't have to pay for free App and trail version of paid app are always available.All this comes possible because of fast demand of the Smartphones throughout the world. For the paid App it is possible to earn money by selling it. But what about free App ? Free App developers also earn money. Lets see How.

Lets Check How To Warn Money By Selling Free App

Free App developers also earn money by using mobile ad networks like InMobi and AdMob. Using this ad-network is probably one of the best ways to earn by way of in-app advertising. These networks offer easy integration with apps. This will start earning your revenue almost immediately. The only disadvantage here is that CPM rates are very low.

Greystripe is also a good source of earning money from your free Apps. Greystripe is rich media ad-network that helps catch and sustain the interest of your viewers. These ads are appealing to the eye so they attract more viewership and higher CPMs.The disadvantage of Greystrips is that they put a damage your bot resources server space and finances.

Ad exchange is also good option to earn money by selling free Apps. It helps you to join with sevaral as network at same time. This makes possibilities to earn more comparing to single Ad network. The main backpoint of this service is that you have to spend more time and resources to optimize content for several types of ad networks. This may lower your net returns.

If you are really developing a useful help and if you get sponsor for your App than you will never have to look back. Getting sponsorship for a mobile app is the best way of getting assured high returns from it. But this being an expensive affair, only the biggest publishers can hope to sustain a long-lasting relationship with the sponsoring brand. Hence, this is definitely not for new and small developers.

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