'Nanoresonators' to make better connectivity Of cell phone

'Nanoresonators' to boost cell phone connectivity

By easing jamming over the airwaves small mechanical device nanoresonators allows user to download fast and stop call drops because of bad connectivity.

The main reason of call drop and slower downloads is congestion, busy signals, ruined call quality. To respond to the problem, industry is trying to build systems that operate with more sharply defined channels so that more of them can fit within the available bandwidth.

Nanoelectromechanical resonators, created by the Purdue team, contain a tiny beam of silicon that vibrates when voltage is applied. Researchers have shown that the new devices are produced with a nearly 100 percent yield, meaning nearly all of the devices created on silicon wafers were found to function properly.

In addition to their use as future cell phone filters, such nanoresonators also could be used for advanced chemical and biological sensors in medical and homeland-defence applications and possibly as components in computers and electronics.

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