Never Forget Your Password With Free Sticky Password Software

 Human Beings are capable to do almost all the things in the world. They even read your mind and break your account password. That's made compulsory for you to create password which are hard to break. But after creating that type of password chances are there that you also can forgot the password if not noted down any where. If you are not creating Hard password chances are there you regularly prompted by website to change your password. What you need is a tool that can generate, manage, and store strong, secure passwords for all your access points.

Lamantine Software's Sticky Password is a free tool which gives you relaxation from such kind of problems.
Sticky Password can create strong passwords for all your sites and apps. It also store them securely with encryption on your PC or a USB drive or other remote device. With this save passwords and username Sticky Password helps you to log in automatically in every website account with different username and password. You dont have to remember the password for all your account. You have your own password assistant.

Sticky Password works with all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Iexplorer.  You also have option to transfer data from one browser to another. Sticky Password supports multiple accounts so each user can have their own master password and database. It backs up passwords automatically so you can retrieve lost passwords if necessary. It even stores secure memos. The fully functional freeware version is limited to 15 accounts.

After downloading and installing Sticky Password Free it opens wit configuration Wizard.

First of All you have to create Master Password. The software will rate your password strength.

Users must verify they've read a text box describing the importance of the Master Password to be able to click Next.

The next step is to install autofill plug-ins for your supported browsers, including an optional but advised step to disable each browser's limited built-in password managing feature to prevent conflicts with Sticky Password.

Finally, we entered our Master Password to unlock Sticky Password.

Sticky Password Free's colorful interface is dominated by three large buttons: Getting Started, Web Accounts, and Identities.

When you get started with the App you will have the tutorial on how to use this App.

Download The Free Sticky Password
Size:11.4 MB