New System To Report Phishing Attacks Launched By Facebook

New reporting system has been formed by Social Networking Giant Facebook to prevent phishing attacks

Facebook has formed new reporting system which is one of its kind feature to prevent the service from scammers and phishing attacks. The site has launched a direct email address where all its users more than 900 million can send detailed reports about their unfair experience on the Facebook. If Facebook user suspect they have been a target of an attempted or successful security scam, Facebook would ask them to email all relevant details of the attack on

Facebook believes that the additional intelligence will help it warn others who have yet to be hit by a scam doing the rounds and thus prevent further attacks.Meanwhile, analysts have advised people to take down as much personal information as possible from sites like Facebook, which are plagued with ‘rogue applications’, which go largely unvetted.

They are also calling for the social networks to step up and help protect their users.According to the paper, Facebook has earlier introduced new security features via its antivirus marketplace, a new portal hosting web safety solutions from five of the world’s biggest online security firms: McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, Microsoft and Symantec.

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