Photo Maps For iOS And Android From Instagram 3.0

Instagram a photo sharing website has come up with latest update with new features known as Photo Maps. Photo Maps displays geotagged photos of your location on a map. With a option that you disable geotagging in case their concerned about privacy issues. Now the app wants you to know where you clicked your lovely pictures, besides merely adding effects.

When you update to 3.0 you will see new Photo Map tab on your profile page. If you are using Photo Map for the first time will be prompted to select photos that have been previously uploaded using geotagging. From then on, they will have the option to enable or disable the feature when posting new photos by turning on 'Add to your Photo Map'.

Users will always have the option to edit their Photo Map at a later time with the help of an Edit button. Users can also explore Photo Maps of their friends by visiting their profile. Photos appear in a stack when viewing them in a specific location. Tapping on a stack, displays photos in a grid.Besides Photo Maps, other features include infinite scrolling, which means the Load More button is now gone. Photos now appear bigger in agrid-layout and there's a larger textbox for adding captions.

Instagram 3.0 is available for download on iOS and Android devices from iTunes and the Google Play store.

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