Pirated Websites Go Downwards In Google Search Result

Google will drop rankings for the websites which are hitting complaints as piracy website.This announcement will make cry to the pirates. As per Google Announcement on Friday it will its search method to give higher precedence to legal and original contents website and drop rankings for websites hit with piracy complaints.

As per Google senior vice president of engineering Amit Singhal said in a blog post that "Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in our rankings: the number of valid copyright removal notices we receive for any given site," "This ranking change should help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily - whether it's a song previewed on NPR's music website, a TV show on Hulu or new music streamed on Spotify."

Google said that it receives more copyright removal notices daily - some 4.3 million in the past 30 days - similar it receive in whole 2009 year. Since Google revamped its copyright removal process two years ago it has been able to gather much more data about pirated content popping up online, according to Singhal. More than 200 "signals" are factored into Google's secret search algorithm for determining what gets priority on results pages.

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