QTTabBar Enable Tabbed Interface In Windows 8 Explorer

Windows Explorer of Windows 8 has treasury of features if we compared it with Windows 7.

In Windows 8 interface for Windows Explorer has a ribbon UI from where you can access most of the commonly used functions and features which otherwise was available though menus in previous versions. One of the feature which is probably missing from Windows Explorer is the availability of tabbed interface.

QTTabBar a freeware app for Windows which gives tabbed interface to Windows Explorer.

How to use QTTabBar To Enable Tabbed Interface in Windows 8 Explorer

Download QTTabBar and Install it.

Once installed, you can see the tabs available below the ribbon UI. The main advantage is that you can quickly navigate between explorer window without having minimize it. There are pretty good options to manage these tabs and also has its own toolbar.

You can create a group of tabs, clone a particular tab, close all tabs at once etc. There is also a search included in the add-on. There are many options to customize the app from the options menu.

If you work with multiple Windows explorer on your Windows, then probably this app is pretty useful for you.